Maroochydore Yoga Centre

an Iyengar yoga school


FREE class - for new students - Saturday 5 October 10 -11am. Book here.

Term 4 - 10 week FOUNDATION COURSE start Monday 7 October (yes even though it’s a public holiday!)

Join in anytime. If starting our Foundation Course after week 2 we offer a prorated tuition.



Iyengar yoga offers precision in technique and a pathway of self mastery. Through the use of props it enables all people regardless of age, ability or health to receive yoga's numerous benefits. It is the world's most influential method of yoga and is considered the gold-standard of yogasana and pranayama (posture and breath). 



Maroochydore Yoga Centre holds casual drop in classes concurrent with 10 week courses. We also teach specialist classes such as seniors yoga, gentle yoga, restorative yoga, corporate yoga, and private lessons.




Complimenting our regular weekly classes, each term we offer 4 day intensives, masterclasses, 1 day workshops, weekend workshops with visiting teachers and weekend retreats. These events are an excellent way to dive deeper into your experience of yoga. 



Classes, Courses & Levels

At Maroochydore Yoga Centre we have a range of specialist classes on offer. Our classes suit all levels and abilities from absolute beginners to more experienced practitioners. We offer seniors yoga classes, gentle yoga classes, along with corporate yoga and private lessons.


Seniors Yoga

Yoga can help slow down the effects of the ageing process by maintaining muscle tone and flexibility, keeping the mind alert and awake, encouraging relaxation and strengthening muscles and joints. Its multi-pronged approach can encourage the body, mind and spirit to remain healthy and strong while reducing the effects of many age-related issues. In particular Iyengar Yoga is well suited to Seniors as we tailor the classes to suit ageing bodies whilst utilising the support of props (such as chairs, blocks and blankets) to assist with balance and technique.


Gentle Yoga

Our Gentle Yoga classes offer a slower more gentle pace than our regular classes. Gentle Yoga is suitable for everyone and may be of particular interest to those who have restricted movement either from injury or age. Our approach is to slow the pace down, go gently and offer support through the use of yoga props where needed.


Private Lessons

Private Lessons are of incredible benefit if you wish to deepen your understanding of the poses and the practice, or if you have specific needs that you wish to focus on.

These sessions are tailored specifically for you so that you may benefit in the best way possible. They take you to your next level of body-mind awareness, strength and flexibility, health and wellbeing and can transform the way that you inhabit your body.


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