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Maroochydore Yoga Centre is an Iyengar Yoga school situated in the heart of the Sunshine Coast. It provides a space for people to experience yoga as a pathway to enhance their wellbeing and integrate body, mind and spirit. We believe that authentic yoga is far more than a physical workout. It is a pathway and practice that brings us into alignment with our true nature and teaches us to live a meaningful life. 

We are dedicated to passing on the rich tradition and lineage of the Iyengar method. Iyengar Yoga is reputed as one of the world's most widely practiced methods of yoga and is a thorough, systematic approach to the application of asana and pranayama (posture and breath). It teaches the principles of correct technique, planned sequencing, timings and repetition. The emphasis is on detail and the use of props allows people of varying ages, levels of health and fitness, and even those with injury, to enjoy the benefits that regular yoga practice can bring.

The Maroochydore Yoga Centre uses a course structure to enable the student to self-select their level and to progressively move through the yoga postures and levels according to their capacity. We welcome students of all ages and all abilities.



The teachers at Maroochydore Yoga Centre are certified Iyengar Yoga teachers and have more than 43 years of yoga teaching experience between them. In order to be certified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher, years of dedicated practice and study are required and the certificate is only bestowed after a rigorous assessment process. It is considered a highly valued qualification and must be maintained by undertaking ongoing professional development, regular personal practice and a commitment to uphold the excellence and purity of this method.

We believe everyone has the capacity to practice yoga and we wish to share this incredible art with all those who are interested. We respect all who come and understand everyone has varying levels of ability and we intend to guide them into alignment with themselves through the use of the postures and breath (asana and pranayama).

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Only certified Iyengar Yoga teachers are entitled to use the name and certification mark of BKS Iyengar. The certification mark is your assurance of quality in teaching.  

We have close associations with many other Iyengar schools in Australia including- Yarraville Yoga Centre, Melbourne VIC. Hamilton Yoga, Newcastle NSW. Cygnet Yoga Studio, Cygnet TAS. Geelong City Yoga, Geelong, VIC. Doutta Gala Yoga Studio, Melbourne, VIC. Darwin Yoga Space, Darwin, NT

Our preferred supplier of Iyengar Yoga props, books and equipment is iyogaprops