Gentle Yoga is suitable for everyone and may be of particular interest to those who have restricted movement either from injury or age. 

When we have an injury or physical concern it is often the speed with which we transition from one pose to the next that challenges our stamina or causes us to falter. Maroochydore Yoga Centre offers a Gentle Yoga Class for those who would like a slower more gentle pace than our regular classes.  

The Gentle classes will follow the same format as regular classes and we will cover the full range of asanas (poses) including some of the restorative postures, we simply slow the pace down, go gently and offer support through the use of yoga props where needed.

Leisa Baldwin is the primary teacher of the Gentle Yoga Class.






"I have practised yoga for many years but only in the last several  years under the guidance of Leisa have I been so well looked after. 

She has an incredible understanding of the human body and I feel restored and rejuvenated after each class. The new studio is such an added bonus".



"I am 76 and have been doing Yoga with Leisa for three years now. I feel wonderful. Yoga helps me move freely. It keeps me "in the moment". Leisa is a wonderful sympathetic and empathetic teacher. I look forward to my classes with her".



"In spite of any limitations we may have, Leisa takes us to a useful place where we can feel comfortable and fulfilled on our yoga journey".