Restorative yoga is known as "active relaxation" and helps us to learn to rest deeply and completely. Relaxation is a state in which there is no tension, no movement and no effort. In this state the mind is quiet.

All restorative yoga poses create specific physiological responses that benefit health and reduce the effects of stress. We move from 'fight / flight' mode (sympathetic nervous system) to 'restore / nurture' mode (parasympathetic nervous system) during a restorative yoga practice.

We use a number of yoga props in order to support the body in a restorative yoga pose so that minimal physical effort is required to hold the pose. Often a restorative yoga pose is held 2 - 10 minutes to allow for the benefits to permeate our physical, mental and emotional self.



  • balances the nervous system

  • reduces the effects of stress

  • slows heart rate

  • slows breathing rate

  • reduces blood pressure

  • reduces brain arousal

  • reduces fluid retention

  • beneficial for the glandular system

  • releases deeply held tension

  • lowers cortisol levels (which can be associated with abdominal fat)

  • can assist in weightloss

  • helps in recovery from illness

  • can heal emotional pain

  • quietens the mind

  • creates a sense of wellbeing

The development of restorative yoga is credited to BKS Iyengar (1918 - 2014) who is widely recognised as a worldwide authority on yoga.


RELAX AND RENEW MASTERCLASS - learn the art of Restorative Yoga and Pranayama

Saturday 28 September

2 - 4.30pm


We also offer restorative sessions within our our regular intermediate classes.



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