Terms & Policies


booking POLICIES:

Courses and events must be paid for in full before the starting date.

If attending for the first time and you wish to “try” a class before committing to a course or 10 class pass, you may join in the class and choose at the end of class whether to simply pay the casual rate for the class OR purchase either the course or 10 class pass.



If you are unable to attend classes for which you have paid due to ill health, injury, trauma or grief we offer a deferral to another term (within a 12 month period). For those with minor injury, we ask that you consult your teacher before deciding to stop attending classes as we may be able to modify your approach to the poses.
We require that you contact us to arrange such credit within 2 weeks of missing your class. We will not grant credit for classes missed more than 2 weeks prior to credit being requested.

We do not offer refunds.

A deferral fee of $50 applies.



Check in for class is via our website, the Onefitstop app on your phone or on our ipad in the studio prior to class commencement.



All yoga equipment is provided including yoga mats, however you may prefer to bring your own mat. If you sweat a lot please bring a small towel.



Please inform your teacher of any medical concerns or injuries that may impact your capacity to do yoga and we will do our best to accommodate you. As always seek your Dr's advice as to whether yoga is right for you.


Membership terms & conditions:

Membership is a 6 OR 12 month agreement (depending upon which package you choose) - we agree to provide you with unlimited excellent yoga tuition and you agree to commit to monthly direct debit payments for 6 OR 12 months.

Monthly payment plan involves no initial set up fee.

A cancellation fee of $80 applies.

Suspensions of membership are for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 4 weeks.

One suspension of 4 weeks OR 2 suspensions of 2 weeks per calendar year is available.

For suspensions, your regular monthly payment will be cancelled and any necessary adjustments made.

If you are unable to attend for reasons such as a major injury, trauma or grief, we can pause your membership. We require that you contact us to arrange a pause on your membership within 2 weeks of your absence.

No suspensions can be granted for classes missed more than 2 weeks prior to students informing us of their request.

We do not offer refunds.

For those with minor injury, we ask that you consult your teacher before requesting to pause your membership as we may be able to modify your approach to the poses.

MYC reserves the right to cancel a direct debit subscription at any time.


Privacy Policy:

Sections of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 relate to personal information that you provide to us through our website. The only information about you collected and stored by this website is that which you supply.

The types of personal information you may supply include your name, current address, telephone number and email address, age and health information.

We take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is stored securely. All data is stored securely and password-protected and accessible only by authorised persons working for Maroochydore Yoga Centre.

This data will not be made available to third parties.

The data you provide may be used by Maroochydore Yoga Centre to send SMS, email or printed materials to you, and you will in every case be given the opportunity to opt out if you do not wish to receive such material.

You may also notify us at any time that you do not wish to receive SMS, email or posted material by email request. If you wish to access or modify personal information which you have provided via our website, please send an email to info@maroochydoreyoga.com. You may be required to put your request in writing for security reasons.